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Bill Tobin honored at Memorial Fire Co.'s
Sunday, February 14, 2016
Past DVFA President Bill Tobin was presented with his 50 year axe. Bill started with the Goodwill FD of New Castle then moved to and joined the Lewes FD. Because of his business he owned in Georgetown he joined and help run the American Legion Ambulance Sta. 93. Thru a friendship he became an honorary member of the Memorial FD and then became an active member for which he has been for the last 20 years. Of the 20 years he has been our Treasurer and Board Chairman for 18 consecutive years.
Goodwill FD Past Chief Dave Majewski, Lewes FD Vice President Charlie Arnold both gave remarks about Bill and the State Rep. Harvey Kenton and Past State Rep. George Carey presented resolutions from the House and Senate. Congrats to Bill, this was beyond well deserved for his leadership in our FD, the County, State and our Nation.
Left to Right, Dave Majewski, Charlie Arnold, Chief Terry Jester, Bill Tobin, George Carey, Indian River FD President Patrick Miller and Harvey Kenton

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