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Fire Prevention Awards take Place
Sunday, March 21, 2021
Even in this time of Covid 19 and the challenges it presents, the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association moved forward with its annual Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Contest. Contacts were made with local school, with emphasis also on homeschools as well as private schools. The committee was very pleased with the response received. Judging too place on February 28th and it was decided by the committee that instead of one awards program this year there would be two separate programs to avoid any issues of social distancing and capacity issues. Children would be divided into two groups. Group one, with their program being hosted by the Millsboro Fire Company would be children from schools within the Rt. 13 and Rt. 113 corridors, of western and central Sussex County. The second program, hosted by Milton Fire Department, would be children from the Rt. 1 corridor in eastern Sussex County. The program in Millsboro took place on March 21st with about 50 people in attendance. Children received their plaques of recognition. Once completed a social time took place. Row 1: Gia Forston, Matteo Lopez, Sofia Beranzo, Oliva Owens, Avery Bradford Row 2: Adrianah Smullin, Bradley Tomeski, Joey Martinez. Jaymie Arbana, Evan Fitler, Coen Moore, Will Jensen

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