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Smoke Detectors
Thursday, October 12, 2017

At the October 2017 SCVFA meeting at the Memoraial FD of Slaughter Beach each of the Sussex County Fire Companies will be given their Smoke Detectors that wete donated by DelMarVa Power.

Vince Jacono from DelMarVa Power just donated 500 smoke detectors to the Wake up Delaware Program to be distributed to all of our FD’s.
Pictured are Fire Commission Chairman David Roberts, State Fire Marshal Grover Ingle, Vince Jacono and Wake up Delaware Chairman Paul Eichler.
Great job by DelMarVa Power, Smoke Detectors saves lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vince has been a great friend of the Delaware Fire Service and this shows his and his companies commitment to the safety of all of our citizens.

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