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SCVFA Honors Poster & Essay Winners
Tuesday, November 27, 2018

~~Sussex County Firefighters Honor

Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Winners

 At the November meeting of the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association, firefighters took time out to honor children who were winners in this year’s Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Contest.
 Each year children from Kindergarten through 3rd grade have the opportunity to develop a poster on their assigned Fire Prevention Topic.
Children in grades 4 through eight have prepare an essay on their assigned topics.
 Children who are first place winners then proceed to the State Competition with the State Awards taking place in January.
 This year a special moment took place as, Special Poster Topic, second place winner Aurora Miller, of Rehoboth Elementary, was stricken by serious health issues since she prepared her poster.  Arrangements were made to present Aurora her award by Skype so she could share in the program.

Pictured:  (Photo by John Tomeski)
Row 1:  Diana Herandez, Liara Oglive, Kaitlyn Turakm Adelaide Lehman, Sam King, Josie Crowell, Kaylee Strong, Meadow Weaver, Emorie Jackson, Ke’niya Mitchell, Hurley Turner, Jeesha Patel
Row 2:  Aiden Ackaway, Brock Terhune, Cameron Bunting, McKinley Messick, Madison, Handley, Jay Yoder, Perla Ibarro Romero, Samuel Winston, Carly Favoroso, Fardeen Kahn, Cruz Bennett, Bradley Tomeski
Row 3: Hunter Holland (President of SCVFA), Kaitlyn Johnson, Steven Miller, Julia Clark, Jennifer Mendoza, Hailey Justice, Smokey Bear, Danny Abarca, Jr., Gage Joseph, Andy Jones (Vice-President of SCVFA)

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