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SCVFA Holds Annual Fire Prevention Awards
Tuesday, November 28, 2023
On November 28th the Sussex County Volunteer Firefighters Association held is annual Fire Prevention Poster and Essay Awards ceremony at their monthly meeting hosted by the Laurel Fire Dept. Students are assigned topics pertaining to Fire Prevention by their grade level. Then students kindergarten through grade 3 prepare a poster. Students grade 4 through 8 prepare an essay. Pictured: First row: Samuel Hevner, Lyra Reese, Delany McCowan, Janilet Ramirez Agostini, Madison Adams, Addyson Mackert, Lily Armstrong-Watts. Second row: Luke Cannon Countryman, Annie Warfel, Elise Burns, Bennett Bekeshka, Jade Sandoval-Hernandez, Chase Kinsell Third Row: Adaleigh Bounds, Annalise Lloyd, Gary Shepard III, MaKenna Collins, Sofia Beranza, Oliver Swartzentruber, Ty’Asia Hagans, Kobe Bell Fourth Row: Cameron Wynn, Lyla Reese, Aliviah Lankford, Emerson Reid, Tanner Kintz, Kyle Block

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